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The Blonde Files Podcast

Dec 22, 2021

In this episode I’m talking to Shan Boodram, bestselling author and certified sexologist - kinda like Dr. Ruth meets Rihanna - all about sex, relationships and intimacy. We discuss sex in both dating and long term relationships and how to keep things spicy or get out of a rut; we discuss taboos like anal, anal orgasms and squirting; how much sex is considered normal and healthy in relationships; how to reignite your sex drive; how to overcome incompatible sex drives; how to be more vocal about what you want and during sex and Shan takes listener questions. for 20% off plus free gifts on all orders over $150. for one month free of their entire meditation library. for 30 days of full access, free. with code Blonde for 15% off site-wide.


Produced by Dear Media