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The Blonde Files Podcast

Aug 4, 2021

In this episode I’m taking to Catt Sadler, three time Emmy award winning journalist, producer, host of hit podcast It Sure Is a Beautiful Day and Instagram series A Drink with Cat, and founder of The Catt Walk, about her fascinating career, aging in Hollywood and wellness. We discuss how she has navigated the pressures of the entertainment industry; why she left E! And how she has learned to walk through fear throughout her career; how she deals with imposter syndrome; crazy celebrity stories; leaving a relationship that isn’t right; her wellness fundamentals; her perspective on aging; beauty tips and tricks and so much more! for your free LMNT sample pack, you just cover the cost of shipping. with code BLONDEFILES for 20% off your first order. for 15% off your first one-time order or 20% off your first subscription plus Free Shipping. for 20% off your first month of membership.


Produced by Dear Media